A Comparison of Three Mechanical Properties of Four Implant Designs
 A Review of Zimmer HA-Coated Dental Implant
 he Evolution and Evaluation of Two Interference-Fit Implant Surfaces
 Heat Generation in One-Piece Implants During Abutment Preparation with High-Speed Cutting Instruments
 Immediate Implant Plasment and Provisionalization in Edentulous Extraction and Sinus Grafted Sites
 Immediate Loading of Dental Iplants in the Edentulous Mandible - A Preliminary Case Report From an International Prospective
 Managment of the Compromised Intertooth Space with Small-Diameter One-Piece Implants in the Esthetic Zone
 One-piece and two-piece implants demonstrate comparable stress levels in bone preliminary results of an FEA study
 ORMIANER, PALTI. The Use of Tapered Implants in the Maxillae of Periodontally Susceptible Patients. 10-Year Outcomes
 Piezoelectric Vertical Bone Augmentation Using the Sandwich Technique in an Atrophic Mandible and Histomorphometric Analysis
 Retrospective Clinical Evaluation of Tapered Screw-Vent Implants Results After up to Eight Years of Clinical Function
 Sohn et al. English
 SwissPlus Implant System Part 1 - Surgical Aspects and Intersystem Comparisons
 SwissPlus Implant System Part 2 - Prosthodontic Aspects and Intersystem Comparisons
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