Tapered Screw-Vent              Screw-Retained Restorations

Zimmer® Angled Tapered Abutments


PhotoThe Zimmer Angled Tapered Abutment is the latest addition to the Tapered Abutment family! Available in 15 and 30 degree angles in multiple cuff heights and implant platforms, the abutments are used for surgical protocols which place implants off-axis. The angled abutments allow you to restore implants which have been tilted to maximize use of the available bone, avoid the alveolar nerve and sinus and minimize the cantilevers of the prosthesis.Photo



Tapered Abutments


PhotoThe Tapered Abutments are used for multi-unit screw-retained restorations including screw-retained bridges, dentures and bar overdentures. The 4.5mm conical restorative platform is the same for all implant platforms and extends thru the tissue to facilitate simple abutment level procedures and restorations.Photo



PhotoThe 1.2mm low profile cone allows for use in limited interocclusal space and the 15° cone taper provides ease in delivering the framework and achieving a passive fit.


Restorative Components for the Tapered Abutment Family

Photo The Tapered and Angled Tapered Abutments share the same restorative components, so there is no need to stock and inventory separate parts for straight and angled abutments or to learn new restorative techniques.

Components are available for easy abutment level impressions, as well as numerous coping options for the fabrication of the temporary and final prostheses.


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