Locator® Overdenture Attachments make it easy for patients to seat their own dentures in the right place every time. They feature a very low profile and are an extremely durable product. When used with the Tapered Screw-Vent® implant, the height of Locator Attachments is as low as 2.5mm. The unique design retains on the inside and outside of the abutments resulting in less wear on the nylon liners. The durability of Locator Attachments may also mean fewer return visits for your patients.

A variety of abutment heights, angulation correction, and levels of retention are available to help the clinician or laboratory technician create an overdenture restoration for each case.       


Zimmer Dental's One-Piece Ball Abutments allow for an overdenture to be securely retained by implants, improving function compared to traditional dentures. Ball Abutments are an economical choice for a tissue-supported overdenture.

The metal caps and nylon liners are incorporated in the denture acrylic and snap over the balls to retain the denture.       

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